Dual Lift

Do your techs suffer from back pain? ... fatigue? ... body aches?
We've got a solution for that: the Dual Lift by Handy!

Handy’s Dual Lift is the answer for servicing power wheelchairs, scooters, and other personal mobility aids at your ideal working level. The lift was developed in conjunction with some of our partners in the healthcare industry to satisfy a growing demand. With service departments and technicians in mind, we developed a lift that eliminates the need to work off the floor or put power chairs or scooters on unsafe surfaces. 

Equipped with a 700-lb. lifting capacity, the Dual Lift is powered by a 1/3 hp. electric motor which creates a smooth transition between the up and down position. Meeting the requirements for a wide variety of mobility aids, the Dual Lift helps to eliminate the fatigue and stress that can come from bending over your project or working on the floor. The primary platform surface is 32” x 48” with a 37” maximum height, while the secondary platform surface measures 10”x17” and adds an extra 6” of lifting height, adding convenience for even the tallest technician. A 34” long ramp makes loading and unloading easy and a 20-second cycle time means you won’t waste time completing projects. 

The Dual Lift comes with a lifetime limited warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

When their livelihood depends on you, you can depend on the Dual Lift from Handy.

Dual Lift Specifications


Max. height: 37" primary + 6" secondary

Min. height: 11"

Primary platform surface: 32" x 48"

Secondary platform surface: 10" x 17"

Capacity: 700 lbs.

Ramp: 30"W x 34"L

Motor: 115v 60hz

Cycle time: 20 seconds

Weight: 300 lbs.

The Dual Lift has eliminated unnecessary injuries to our staff while providing a better work surface for our technicians to properly diagnose and service our customers' wheelchairs. While other lifts have 'worked,' the Dual Lift has allowed Numotion to take it to another level. No pun intended!

- Shawn, Numotion -

* Please note, all parts previously coated in Semi-gloss Black are now coated in Texture Black. 

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