The Flush Mount System conveniently allows the CargoBuckle G3 to tuck away in a durable, corrosion-resistant stow-away unit, to be instantly ready when you need it, and neatly concealed when you don't. Great for dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, street bikes, lawn & garden equipment, and more! To use, simply open the "trap door" and the CargoBuckle hinges up to the ready position.  When not in use, the CargoBuckle hinges below the floor and the "trap door" closes. NOTE: The trailer floor material must be a minimum of 3/4" thick and in "like-new" condition.

CargoBuckle Flush Mount System

SKU: 17511
    • Crash-tested to hold cargo in place
    • Six feet of strap length
    • Secures more cargo with two-inch wide strap
    • Depth, 4.5"
    • Break Strength, 3,500 lb. each
    • Safe Working Limit, 1,167 lb.each
    • One (1) flush-mount housing unit with door assembly
    • One (1) underfloor load ring
    • One(1) CargoBuckle Mini G3 ratchet tie-down
    • Mounting hardware 

* Please note, all parts previously coated in Semi-gloss Black are now coated in Texture Black.