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I really do love my Handy Lifts. For someone at 6’2” tall the 39” lift height is crucial. I’ve worked in shops with regular lifts (that reach to 31”) and had a perpetual hunchback. No more!

Jeff S.

Summarizing mom's lawn mower was definitely made much easier this year, being able to work at waist level! I LOVE this thing...Everything from oil changes to breaks to tire changes will be made much easier from now on.

Dwight B.

You make good products. Proud of your dedication to quality, and of your commitment to make your products in the USA.

David W.

I DO use my Handy Industry B.O.B. lift for work on & cleaning my Triumph Speech Triple R, changing the oil and tuning my Cub Cadet garden tractor. Along with servicing most of my small yard equipment. Snow blowers, weed eater, power washer, generator...etc.! I've even raised it while standing on it to adjust the garage door opener! Absolutely love my lift!

David W.

Your powder coating is the toughest I've ever seen! I LOVE my B.O.B.!

Jamie S.

The first they all noticed and like was how high (the new 1200 lifts) go. The new ramp system is very nice, no more worries about it falling off and making a bunch of unnecessary noise! The new safety latch is more convenient too. This is a great set up. I would recommend it over the cylinder type for sure. The lifting motion is nice and smooth too.

Gary Maurer

We love our Handy lifts.  After years of working on the floor and using those old big wooden wire spools to build bikes, we stepped up and purchased an American-made Handy lift. Wow, do we love it!  No more sitting on ice cold concrete floor.  

After reading a story on how Janco was saving the American-made lifts and bringing them back to life, I had no choice but to support them. This is the best made lift on the market, and it's made in the USA. Handy and Janco are the real American dream company with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. From the guy that sweeps the floor to the owners that run the team, they're first class all the way. 

Mike & Felix LaFore

We are the LaFore brothers of LaFore's Inc. We have used Handy lifts since the 1970's and we have never found a better lift than Handy.  We run a 20-lift service & custom fab motorcycle shop, and as you see by the picture we highly recommend Handy products as a long term investment in quality products. A special thanks to you Handy Industries.


I have been wrenching on motorcycles for 20 years now. Up until this year, I haven't owned my own Handy lift. Now that I do, it's been occupied every minute with either a quad, motorcycle, even a riding lawn mower. In fact, there are jobs simple enough to do without it, but I'd rather not, and I wait until it's free to even get those done. Thanks for the lift, guys. Price was right, delivery was pretty fast considering the unfortunate fire, and the product is top notch!

Gilles B.

I love my Handy electric motorcycle lift with the ATV extensions. After the first year of service, my only regret is not buying a second one.

Curt H.

I have a Handy lift 1000 in my shop. I've had it there for five months now and wonder how I got by without it. It's had something on it almost continuously. Currently building a FX style racing mower on it. So nice when I have to lower to check the fit. Love it!!!

Rob G.

I own two of Handy Industries' motorcycle lifts and could not operate my shop without  them.  One of the best products I purchased for service work, American made, great customer service too!! 

Christopher Durgin

I have eight lifts in the shop now, and all are over 9 years old. Some are even 15 years old! 

Ken Wheeler

If you want a lift that will last, this is the one. I have had a Handy lift in my shop used daily for over 28 years. After 27 years, I finally had to replace a cylinder seal. So for about 35 bucks, it works like new!!

Matt C.

I love my Handy lift. I use it almost every day in my garage. The best on the market as far as I'm concerned.

Tom S.

As you may be able to tell, I'm quite happy about finally getting another Handy!  You're one of the very few U.S. manufacturers left that makes a heavy duty product that actually WOULD last a lifetime if you take care of it.  I'm proud to have one in my garage.

Tommy C.

I really like the Motorcycle Lift but customer service has been the best that I have ever dealt with!

Pete S.

It's a pleasure to do business with an American company that not only takes pride in quality American manufacturing but also customer service.

Ed W.

Best lift made. All others are cheap copies. I have seen other imported lifts for less money, but you do get what you pay for, so buy the best and don't look back.

Curt H.

I have a Handy lift 1000 in my shop. I've had it in there for 5 months now and wonder how I got by without it. It's had something on it almost continually. Currently building a FX style racing mower on it. So nice when I have to lower to check the fit. Love it!!!

Bob H.

I have had my first one for 24 years (and) never had a problem. Got a second one 7 years ago. Gets a lot of use. Still operates and looks like new. The 3rd one is not used in the shop except for my bike and my wife's bike. I love great quality.

Rob G.

I own two of Handy Industries' motorcycle lifts and could not operate my shop without them. One of the best products I purchased for service work. American made. Great customer service too!!

Charles C.

I just picked up an older Handy lift table. It still works flawlessly and it's built like a tank. Now that's American-made quality. Don't waste your money on a cheap Chinese lift, invest wisely.

Gary B.

I have had my Handy lift 17 years and am very satisfied and so far has been trouble free!

Mason W.

Been using my Handy lift since 2005. It's taken a beating and still works perfect every time. American made.

Jim W.

Best investment for working on the scooter! No more aching back...

Michael G.

Have owned 3 Handy lifts! Of all my tools, this was the best investment ever!

Jay P.

The lifts make it more enjoyable to do maintenance than laying on cold concrete!

Scott F.

Great product....legit in the industry.

Alex B.

I will certainly recommend you guys to anyone that is looking to purchase a lift that is made in the USA.

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