The Deck Hand by Handy was designed to bolt on to your Handy lift and is used to lift the front end of your residential and commercial mowers. With a 500 lb. front end lifting capacity, it will accommodate most commercial mowers. This Deck Hand will fit our Standard 1000 and S.A.M. 1000 Electric Lifts, our Standard 1200 and S.A.M. 1200 Air Lifts, our B.O.B. 1500 Air Lift, and our Gruntavore 1800 Air Lift. As with all Handy products, the Deck Hand is proudly made in the USA.

Deck Hand

SKU: 21660
    • 500 lbs. front end lifting capacity
    • Easily adjustable front wheel pads, 48" max width, 9" min width
    • 30" max lifting height with 17 intermediate locking positions
    • Wheel pads accommodate up to a 9" wide tire
    • Automatic ratcheting safety lock
    • Heavy duty 3/16" cable
    • Easily removed from lift top, by pulling 2 pins
    • 50" height above lift top
    • Winch with automatic friction brake (winch can't free wheel)
    • Black powder coat finish

* Please note, all parts previously coated in Semi-gloss Black are now coated in Texture Black.