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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Handy, Division of Janco Industries, Inc. is providing a limited lifetime warranty on its motorcycle lift line. This Lifetime Limited Warranty is available on lifts that have a serial number the same as or greater than those listed: Standard 1000 Air and Electric #ST0138, S.A.M. 1000 Air and Electric #S0082, S.A.M. 2 1000 Air #S20020, B.O.B. 1500 Air #B0100, Electric/Hydraulic 1500 #H0008, Gruntavore 1800 #GR0004, Dual Lift (all serial numbers), B.U.L. (all serial numbers), Standard 1200 Air Lift (all serial numbers), and S.A.M. 1200 Air Lift (all serial numbers). The purchaser must provide Handy with a legible copy of the purchase receipt to obtain this warranty. The purchaser must provide Handy notice of the defect and establish that the equipment was property set up, maintained and operated within the limits of rated and normal usage. Handy, Division of Janco Industries, Inc. reserves the right to have its product shipped back to the factory for inspection to ensure the lift was not being used above its rated limits and capacity. The purchaser is responsible for freight charges until a determination is made by Handy. Handy will reimburse the purchaser if it is determined that he or she was not using the lift above the rated capacity. This warranty covers the structure for the following models of Handy lifts: Standard 1000, S.A.M. 1000, S.A.M. 2 1000, B.O.B. 1500, Electric/Hydraulic 1500, Gruntavore 1800, Dual Lift, B.U.L., Standard 1200 Air Lift, and S.A.M. 1200 Air Lift. Attachments for these lift models are not included in the limited lifetime warranty. This warranty only covers the structure of the lift itself. It does not cover any cost of labor, transportation, freight, installation, misuse, abuse or rust or failure of the air cylinder and/or foot pedal due to rust and/or moisture. Also excluded in this warranty are items that were purchased for the Handy lift and installed on it after the factory such as electric motors, hand-held pendants and bearings. Parts considered wearable carry a 90-day warranty. All other parts excluded from the lifetime warranty carry a 1-year warranty from time of purchase. If the lift is purchased from an un-authorized distributor, eBay or other online service, you are not eligible to receive the limited lifetime warranty for the structure of the lift. This warranty is only offered to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable. It must be purchased from Handy, Division of Janco Industries, Inc. or one of its authorized distributors.

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