The Handy GC-30 Gas Caddy is the perfect fuel storage and transfer solution for any marketplace. Our portable 30 gallon-capacity tank is compatible with gasoline, mixed fuels, or diesel fuel, which means you can use it in your garage, marina, farm or campground. The possibilities are endless!

Note: Due to California regulations, the GC-30 Gas Caddy is not available for purchase in or shipping to California. Please contact our sales department at 855-752-5446 with any questions. Thank you!

GC-30 Gas Caddy

SKU: 12652
    • Drain hole to remove water and contaminants
    • 3/4" clear hose with anti-static grounding strap (8' in length)
    • 2" filler neck for bulk filling
    • Fuel level gauge
    • 14 gauge steel construction for durability
    • Epoxy powder-coat
    • 10" x 2.7" semi-pneumatic wheels

* Please note, all parts previously coated in Semi-gloss Black are now coated in Texture Black.