RAM electric lift with motorcycle
UTV on RAM lift in garage with person
RAM electric lift side
RAM electric lift side
RAM electric lift Handy sign
RAM electric lift close up base
RAM electric lift side close up
RAM electric lift close up back

R.A.M. Hydraulic Lift






Product Description

The R.A.M. is our newest and most technologically advanced lift. It’s full electric hydraulic system and wireless remote to raise and lower the lift set it apart from anything on the market. The lift comes with two remotes, a standard three-prong plugin, and phenolic wheels. There are needle bearings located on the frame pivots to allow for a 2,500 lb. lifting capacity and smooth operation when raising and lower the lift. Pair this lift with an extension kit to extend your working room from 29” to 53”. This lift is unlike anything you have experienced before.

  • Capacity: 2500 lbs.
  • Work Surface: 86 5/8″ x 29″
  • Max. height: 40″
  • Min. height: 9 1/2″
  • Power Source: 110V
  • Ramp length: 40″
  • Standard color: Gray top with black frame
  • Custom colors: black top/black frame, orange top/black frame, red top/black frame, blue top/black frame, black chrome top & frame

A lift gate is required if there is no dock or forklift to remove the product from the freight truck. Only one lift gate fee is required per order.